Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1

I am done being the fat mom.  I am tired of not being able to go up the stairs with a load of laundry without getting winded.  I'm tired of wondering if I embarass my girls with my size.  I'm tired of not being able to wear the clothes I want and not feeling good in the ones that I have. 
I got the idea to blog from afriend of mine and a cousin of my niece's.  I'm going to try to shoot for somethingi n the middle of the two.  One is a bit more bold than I am although I would like to be THAT bold and be that able to hold myself accountable. 

So I start here:

I weighed myself this morning.  I am back down a few pounds and am at an even 200 lbs.  I am 5 ft tall.  That makes me almost as round as I am tall.  Today marks the start of the change.  I didn't eat right, but I only had the equivelant of one meal over the course of the day.

The biggest thing for me is EXERCISE.  It is the one word that I have avoided my entire life.  I have to embrace it and be willing to sweat.  Today I started Zumba.  OK, I did it in my basement.  But I did it.  An hour.  For me huge!  I didn't do a full work out, I started with the beginner basics of learning steps and was still out of breath and winded...and SWEATY! 

It's only day one, but I'm proud of my accomplishments so far.  Tomorrow is another new day!

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